AlcoSense Mini Personal Breathalyser

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Small, light, convenient and easy to use. This mini gadget slips into your pocket so you can keep it with you while you’re out. No mouthpieces required just switch it on, blow across the sensor and keep your options open.

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Personal Breathalyser Andatech AL2500 Mini

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The AlcoSense Mini is a very simple to use, hand-held breathalyser. Without the need for mouthpieces, this breathalyser features a fast microcomputer-controlled automatic test sequence with a 2 decimal LCD display and audio cues.

It is light, conveniently sized and easily stored in a pocket, handbag or car glove box.

  • Fun and easy to use
  • 2 decimal BAC readings
  • No mouthpiece required
  • Small and compact
  • Great for personal use

Additional Information

Model No. ALS-MINI
BAC Range 0.00% - 0.40%BAC
Sensor Type Semiconductor sensor
Accuracy ± 0.01%BAC at 0.05%BAC
Warm Up Time Within 30 seconds
Response Time Within 2 seconds
Recycle Time 30 seconds
Working Temperature 10 – 40°C
Power Supply 2 x AA Batteries (Alkaline Only)
Mouthpieces Not required
Memory Capacity None
Result Reading 0.00% - 0.40%BAC
Certification No
Continuous Use Over 200 times
Calibration Frequency 200 tests / 6 months
Display Back-lit LCD
Features 2 decimal place reading, flow control, auto power off, battery low indicator, passive/fast mode
Includes Batteries
Product Weight 85g including batteries
Dimensions H: 104mm, W: 40mm, D: 20mm
Warranty 1 year
Price A$79.99

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