Ionmax ION401 Tower Ionic Air Purifier (Black)

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Don’t buy replacement filters, ever! With the latest air purification innovation, negative ions work to clean the air and unique, stainless steel blade, collection technology traps the dust. Simply wipe clean and enjoy the fresh air.

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Ionmax ION401 Tower Ionic Air Purifier (Black)

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The Ionmax ION401 Tower Ionic Air Purifier is ideal for use in the home or office. Its portable size, silent operation, and efficient air purifying makes it perfect for apartments, bedrooms, and office rooms. 

The Ionmax® ION401 tower ionic air purifier circulates air without the use of loud and disruptive motors or fans, and has no costly filters to replace. Simply remove the steel blade assembly and wipe clean with a damp cloth. 

The Ionmax® Tower Ionic Air Purifier traps irritants and allergens on three collection blades and then releases purified air back into the room. Safe and easy to use, Ionmax® will give your family the clean air they need to stay healthy. Not all air cleaners are the same and not all of them will purify the air with the same effeciency as an ionic air purifier.

Please note: Ion401 is basically just an ionizer and it purifies the air using the ions. Its not meant to collect or suck up dust. The dust may clings on to the blades as it comes down but it won't get all the dust onto the unit. Some users may notice the dust on the blades after few months of use, some after weeks. It just depends on how frequent you use it or how dusty the room is. 


  • Traps airborne allergens like pollen, smoke, dust, and pet dander.
  • Cleans out peculiar smell and smoke, household odor
  • Traps particles as small as 1 micron
  • Energy efficient and inexpensive to operate
  • One unit recommended for rooms up to 60 sqm
  • For medium to large size rooms
  • Applicable area: living rooms, kitchens, offices, meeting rooms, restaurants, schools and factories, etc.
  • No need to replace filters
  • Easy to use-one touch operation
  • 3 settings – High, Med and Lo

Additional Information


Model: Ion401 
Negative Ion Output: 2,960,000 anions/cm3 
Ozone Output: 0.048 ppm/cm3 
Coverage area: 60 sqm 
Power Consumption: Max 15 W 
Power source: 240V 
Colour: black
70cm (tall) x 20 cm (deep) x 15 cm (wide)
Warranty: 1 year with manufacturer
Weight: 4.1 kg

Price A$369.00

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